Flavor Conversions

The standard rules and information presented in the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manuel apply to Shadows of Kagejima. To fit the setting, loosely based on feudal Japan, Names are changed to represent to appropriate setting descriptions.


The currency of Kagejima and the Sun Empire is referred to as Ryo, and can be divided into several types. Shu are minted in copper, and Bu are minted in silver. Both are round coins with a square hole through the center, which allow for easy counting on a string. Koban are minted in gold and are oval disks with the profile of the sun emperor stamped on the face.


The weapons of Kagejima are different in design from those of your typical fantasy setting. Following is a list of standard weapons and the Kagejima equivalent.

Traditional Weapon         Kagejima Name

Battle Axe                            masakari 

Club                                      Tonfa

Dagger                                 Kozuka, Tonto

Dart                                      Shuriken

Flail                                       Manriki-gusari, kusari-fundo (Advantage on Grapple checks)

Glaive                                  Bisento, Naginata

Greataxe                            Daiono

Greatclub                           tetsubo

Greatsword                       Nodachi

Halberd                              Kamayari

Handaxe                             ono

Javelin                                  uchi-ne

Lance                                   uma-yari

Longbow                             Yumi

Longsword                         Tachi

Mace                                    Kanabo

Pike                                      nagayari

Quarterstaff                       bo

Scimitar                               Katana

Shortbow                            Hanyumi

Shortsword                        Chokuto, Ninjato, Wakazashi

Sickle                                    Kama

Spear                                    Yari

Trident                                magariyari

War Pick                              Kuwa


Methods of combat differ from those of your traditional fantasy setting. Brute force is replaced with finesse and strategy. As such, full heavy metal armors do not exist.

Traditional Armor             Kagejima Name

Leather                                Karuta-gane

Studded Leather               Tanko

Chain Shirt                          Kusari gusoku

Scalemail                              Yoroi

Half Plate                             Tosei Gusoku


Classes from traditional D&D are playable with a simple palette swap of story and flavor text. The only class to truly not fit into the setting is the Paladin holy warrior. The following are Kagejima names for the traditional classes.

Traditional Class                Kagejima Name

Barbarian                             Rappa

Bard                                       Tayu

Cleric                                      Yamabushi

Druid                                     Shugenja

Fighter                                  Bushi/Samurai

Monk                                     Sohei/Ninja

Ranger                                  Matagi

Rogue                                    Dorobou/Ninja

Sorcerer                               Madoushi

warlock                                 Onibaba (female), Onijiji (male)

Wizard                                   Onmyoji

Flavor Conversions

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